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me copyBetter Solutions, Creatively

Communication is not a one-way street: ideas must be shared to be enhanced, and to evolve toward the best design solutions.

I am a registered architect in the State of Washington. I am an artist, an architect, an illustrator, and a teacher. I draw by hand. With pencil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, and pen. On paper.

My other skills include architectural design, teaching painting and drawing, graphic design, and community planning. Working with other architects or with community leaders, I have produced outstanding design illustrations that communicate the essential nature of a project.

The drawn line responds to the “changes of rhythm and feelings of surface and space” that are created by the work of architecture. A hand drawing can thus become part of the narrative of a building project, and it can be the starting point for the conversation on a project, or help that discussion to move forward.

I have created illustrations nationally and in the Pacific Northwest; providing design and illustration for many developers and architects for the past 25 years for their projects. My ability to conceive ideas quickly and professionally will, no doubt, offer your project immediate, creative and evocative visual solutions.