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communication is critical; collaboration is essential


A Richer Experience

The practice of defining architectural form involves a multitude of talents; primary among these is the ability to communicate ideas, whether it is a presentation before a client, a public meeting, or a charrette. Design ideas should be clear and accurate, and promote useful instruction.

Energy and Color

Anita Lehmann is a registered architect whose skills include design, community planning, graphic design, illustration, and teaching. For over 25 years, her wide-ranging expertise and collaborative work process have produced outstanding design solutions that communicate the essential nature of each project.

Better Solutions, Creatively

Communication is not a one-way street: ideas must be shared to be enhanced, and to evolve toward the best design solutions.

meanwhile, back in Seattle

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finding place/meaning

In my work, I am lucky to collaborate with talented designers;  those that talk about space, place and meaning.

As a design/illustrator, this becomes a reciprocal process. Formulating ideas and working back and forth and scheming in the 3rd dimension is magical.

There are many ways to describe space, but the one on one with a pencil in my hand is where the key communication and collaboration unfold.


Who is the audience? What is the story? What will bring people on this space and why?

Shapes and planes, and values, colors, textures, beauty and scale are just a few players in this iterative process.

The design is unique and the drawings become a great starting point in the architectural design process

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