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A knowledge + understanding of the elements of design opens doors to creative options + opportunities.

Design ideas require clarity + accuracy. I produce outstanding solutions that communicate the essential nature of a given project. 

Communication is not a one-way street; ideas must be shared to be enhanced, and to evolve toward the best design solutions, creatively.

Drawing is about attempting something beyond language and beyond representation, an arrangement of line + mark + space designed to serve a variety of expressive purposes, motive. 

I connect with the world and experience life. Mine is the hand of a practiced artist who has spent thousands upon thousands of hours honing my tool. My pencil is a baton; the goal is to wield it as effortlessly as most people breathe. I strive for humor, humility, work ethic, and confidence.

about Design Drawing, workshop offering


color in 2016

iPad drawing programs offer me quick color response while simulating concepts and ideas. A valuable tool in design; one I hope to begin utilizing consistently in 2016. A clarity of shape and form defined by color is a healthy approach and with a tap of a (2) fingers, shapes disappear in a flash and one can then choose another, one more compatible; ‘that’s the one.’

Texture, line, color, shape, composition become easily attainable; it’s translation onto hard copy; aka, by hand, is next and perhaps, is easily described; a blueprint of sorts to keep oneself, ‘in the doing’ and with a directed plan.

One design element at a time for me; color is a solid and much needed 2016 resolution; iPad and its many drawing apps; helpful tools.


it’s in the doing.